The following requirements must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before admission to any academic program:

Junior High School
  • Original copy of Form 138 (High School Report Card)
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • PSA/NSO Birth Certificate – – xerox only
  • Two copies ID picture (2 x 2)
  • Two pcs long brown envelop
  • FAPE/ESC Certificate (ESC grantee) – if transferee from private school
Senior High School
  • Junior High School Completion Certificate – original
  • Form 138 (Grade 10 High School Report Card) – original
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character – original
  • FAPE/ESC Certificate (ESC grantee) – original
  • Qualified Voucher Recipient (QVR) Certificate (for students from Private Schools) – original
  • PSA/NSO Birth Certificate – xerox only
  • Two copies ID picture (2 x 2)
  • Two pcs long brown envelop

  1. Secure clearance for enrollment from the college.
  2. Present duly accomplished clearance form to the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Secure Application Form for Enrollment from the Admission Personnel.
  4. Submit duly accomplished Application Form for Admission to the office of the registrar.
  5. Enlisting of subjects to be enrolled for the semester.
  6. Proceed to the Assessment Officer for Fees Assessment. Validity is 5 Days only upon assessment.
  7. Pay the required tuition fees at the cashier’s Office to ensure that you are officially enrolled.
  8. See the registrar for the release of Class Cards.
Metrobank ( Albay Branch) Tanchuling College Inc.
PNB (Legazpi Branch) Tanchuling College Inc.
Checking Account Number: 252970002676
G-Cah/Paymaya Vincent Tanchuling


  1. Students who do not register during the days specified in the TCI Academic Calendar for registration are subject to additional fee adjustments.
  2. All late enrollees shall undergo the regular procedure of enrollment and will be charged a late registration fee of P 1,000.00


  1. A bonafide student may be allowed to cross enroll in other colleges for a subject needed for graduation.
  2. The subject is not offered during the semester or is offered during the term but cannot be enrolled due to conflict in schedule and which cannot be resolved.
  3. The course description of the subject where it is cross enrolled is essentially the same/ similar to that in colleges.
  4. The cross enrollment is recommended by the Program Head / Dean and duly approved by the Vice President of the Academic Affairs.
  5. The number of units to be cross-enrolled does not exceed the maximum number of six (6) units
  6. Any student who wish to cross-enroll in another institution must go through the following steps:
  7. Accomplish (Permit to Cross Enroll Form) and have it endorsed by the Program Head/Dean and approved by Vice President of the Academic Affairs
  8. Submit duly approved request to the Registrar’s Office for recording and issuing cross-enrollment permit.
  9. After enrollment, submit a photocopy of the validated enrollment form to the registrar’s office, copy furnished the Office of the Program Head/Dean.
  10. After the completion of the course/s, the student must secure a Certification/Transcript of Records containing final grades in a sealed envelope with the signature of the Registrar on the envelope flap addressed to: Registrar


  1. Changing/Adding/Dropping of subjects shall be made within the specified period and done through the proper procedure and subject to payment of corresponding fees.
  2. A student may, with the consent of his instructor and the Dean drop a subject (s) within the second (2) weeks from the first day of classes by filling out the changing/adding/dropping form
  3. No dropping of subjects will be allowed after four (4) weeks from the opening of classes during the semester or after two (2) weeks from the opening of summer classes except for justifiable reasons and upon recommendation of faculty members concerned.
  4. Any dropping/changing of subject(s) without official notice shall be marked “Dropped” or “Failed” at the end of the semester.
  5. Any application for dropping/changing and adding of subject(s) must be done as follows:
  • secure and accomplish request for dropping/changing/adding subjects from the Office of the Registrar
  • seek the consent of instructors concerned get back class cards from them (if already submitted)
  • obtain the signature of parent/guardian (in case of dropping) and the approval of the Program Head/Dean
  • Submit the accomplished form together with the required documents to the Registrar’s office for proper assessment.

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